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Madagascar is a veritable Noah's Ark adrift in the Indian Ocean - a mini continent harbouring an amazing array of endangered animals and plants, nearly all of which are found nowhere else.
There are seven species of Baobab in the hot western lowlands; 1200 species of Orchid in the damp eastern rainforests and a botanical "lunatic asylum" of bizarre succulent and drought resistant plants in the dry southern "spiny desert".
And then there are the adorable lemurs; unusual birds; more than half the world's chameleons and a plethora of other interesting creatures. The Malagasy are the world's only Afro-Asian nation and their culture is intriguing. Rice is the staple food and traditional cuisine is, simply put, hallucinatory!
There are some lovely beaches, particularly on the offshore islands such as Nosy Be and Ile Ste Marie.
Whale watching from July to September is a highlight of Sainte Marie.

Capital : Antananarivo
Population : 11 millions
Formalities : valid passport and visa obligatory
Surface : 1600 km length, 5000 km coastline (and 3000 km beaches), 4 biggest island in the word by its surface.
Languages : malgache and french
Airport Tax : 80 FF to be paid upon departure
Money : malgache franc FMG (1 FF = about 1000 FMG)
Health : no vaccination, but prevention for malaria : to take Nivakine 15 days prior to arrival, during 6 weeks after the departure.
Climate : dry season from may to october and rainy season from october to april. The difference of climate are explained by the variety of reliefs : a warm temperature almost all time in the north, the west and the southern part of the island, tropical warm ocean. fresh (almost cold) in the mountains and hot, humid climate at the east coast.

Les Hotels Anthurium :

Hôtel le Lakana **
Ile Sainte-Marie
Hôtel les Terres Blanches **
Hôtel Sakatia Passion **
Nosy Be
Le Bushhouse **
Canal des Pangalane
Hôtel le Royal Toréa ***
Hôtel Royal Palissandre ****