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This volcanic island features lush tropical vegetation and a balmy ambience dominated by the heady scent of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and ylang ylang, from which the name "Mayotte - island of Perfumes" was derived. Its immense lagoon, which covers an area of 1 000 km2, offers exceptional diving opportunities. Here you'll encounter among others: numerous Dolphins, marine turtles; tuna, bonito and swordfish. The picturesque villages and friendly islanders add extra quality to memorable holidays.
Capital : Mamoudzou
Formalities : CEE : valid passport
Language : French
Money : Euro
Population : 100 000 habitants
Surface : 376 km2
Climate : tropical climate with two seasons : the dry season (and very sunny) from may to october, the hot season from november to april - rainy season.
Temperature : 28 °C from january to march and 24 °C from july to september

Les Hotels Anthurium :

Hôtel le Jardin Maoré **
Hôtel Trévani ***
Sakouli ***
Pointe aux dauphins