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Remote and undeveloped - that's Rodrigues. On this small island, life is ultra relaxed and hospitality is taken seriously. There are some stunning beaches and the coral reefs offers among the best scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities available in the Indian Ocean. Some of the 14 satellite islands harbour enormous seabird colonies. And the culinary skills possessed by chefs at some of the hotels and guest houses, will send your taste buds into orbit. If tranquillity appeals to you, Rodrigues is the place to visit!

Capital : Port-Mathurin
Population : 6 000
Surface : 18 km x 8 km
Languages : english, french and creole
Money : the Mauritius Roupies 100 RpM = about 28 FF (06/00)

Les Hotels Anthurium :

Hôtel Mourouk Ebony ***
Port Sud Est