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The Seychelles

Hundreds of exquisite islands and atolls, scattered around an area of 400000 km2, make up the Seychelles. The total land surface area of the entire archipelago is only 440 km2 and visitors are attracted mainly by glorious beaches, coral reefs and the unique natural legacy. Best known of the 600 endemic plants is the spectacular Coco de Mer. And birders come to see some of the world's rarest species, like the Seychelles Scops owl and Seychelles magpie robin. Year round, temperatures average around the 30 degree mark and waters are warm. The psychedelic underwater world here is not to be missed! Also of interest is traditional culture, music, dancing, art and handicrafts.

Capital : Victoria in Mahé
2 main islands : Mahé and Praslin
Population : 70 000
Formalities : passport valid 6 month after return
Languages : creole, french and english
Airport Tax : 60 US Dollars
Money : the Seychelles roupies (1 SR = about 1,30 FF)
Climate : hot all year around (from 24 to 30°C), little rainfall from december to february.
Clothing : preferably light cotton clothes, "tie obligation" very rare.

Les Hotels Anthurium :

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Islander's Guest House
Château Saint-Cloud **
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Casuarina Beach Resort **
Hôtel Northolme ***
Indian Ocean Lodge ***
Hôtel Coral Strand ***
The Plantation Club ****
Victoria - Mahé
Denis Island ****
Denis Island
Hôtel l'Archipel ****
Hôtel Marechiaro ****